Elevator Speech Release Party


Elevator Speech Release Party

The release party on February 25, 2013 for Preston Glass Elevator Speech was a smash success.

There were a number of guests including family and friends in attendance.

What a night!

Included at the event were some huge names in the music industry. One thing everyone there shared was a glowing smile filling the venue with great happiness and big-time respect and love for the very talented Preston Glass.



Preston Glass


Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas

“Tiki” Pasillas is a drummer and multi-percussionist who has been performing professionally in Los Angeles for the over a decade. He was born in Oakland, California, where as a teenager, he won a Berkelee College of Music scholarship. He later received the Latin Stylist Award at Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. Tiki has performed or recorded with many jazz, pop and Latin greats, including Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, EI DeBarge, Poncho Sanchez, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Chick Correa, Sheila E, Cachao, Giovanni Hidalgo, Alex Acuna, Pete Escovedo, Tito Nieves, Bobby Shew, Kenny Kirkland, Justo Almario, Susie Hansen, Hiroshima, Peter Erskine, Horace Silver, Juan Pablo Torres, Paquito D’Rivera, and Kazu & Keiko Matsui, among others. He has taught drums and percussion at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and currently teaches at Pasadena City College. A Grammy nominated performer, Tiki is a well-respected musician with worldwide recognition and is a frequent studio contributor to records, films, jingles and voice-overs.

Marc_Blake_Photography-3945 Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell, Singer/Songwriter/Artist: Piano in the Dark

With a unique musical perspective, intimate voice and prolific treasure-trove of lyrics, singer-songwriter Brenda Russell proves that a truly glowing talent only deepens with time. Composer of the classics “Get Here,” “If Only For One Night,” and the Grammy-nominated “Piano In The Dark,” Brenda’s songwriting prowess and chameleon-like ability to shift between musical genres and combine styles trumpeted ovations in 2005 with the opening of the Tony Award-winning hit Broadway musical The Color Purple–a show for which she, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray co-wrote the music and lyrics. Brenda and her co-authors were also nominated for a 2007 Grammy in the Best Musical Show Album category for the original cast album.

Marc_Blake_Photography-3947 Giovanna Imbesi

Giovanna Imbesi, Tutto Media recording studio owner

Duane Neillson Marc_Blake_Photography-3948

Duane Neillson

Ron Tyson, The Temptations Marc_Blake_Photography-3956

Ron Tyson, The Temptations

Gina Glass Marc_Blake_Photography-3958

Gina Glass

"Masta" Edwards Marc_Blake_Photography-3965

“Masta” Edwards

Maria Bryant Marc_Blake_Photography-3979

Maria Bryant

Timothy Armstrong Marc_Blake_Photography-3963

Timothy Armstrong

Phil Gates Marc_Blake_Photography-3984

Phil Gates

Viyda Swaminathan and husband Marc_Blake_Photography-4006

Viyda Swaminathan and husband

Kris Keeser Marc_Blake_Photography-4009

Kris Keeser

Keni Burke Marc_Blake_Photography-4015

Keni Burke

Jean Terrell (of The Supremes) Marc_Blake_Photography-4044

Jean Terrell (of The Supremes)

Duane Neillson Marc_Blake_Photography-4058

Duane Neillson

"Oya" Thomas PGESRP_oya1

“Oya” Thomas

Mya Jade Wooten and Gina "Grandma"Glass Marc_Blake_Photography-3987

Mya Jade Wooten and Gina “Grandma”Glass

Keni Burke, Lauren Hinton, Edwina Chong, Bleinda Wilson, and Oya Marc_Blake_Photography-4003

Keni Burke, Lauren Hinton, Edwina Chong, Bleinda Wilson, and Oya

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