Soul in the Rear View Mirror


Preston Glass follows up his critically acclaimed “Elevator Speech” CD with another heart-stirring collection of originals on “SOUL IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR” – his 5th solo CD. 

Having written or produced recordings for some of the greatest artists in musical history, (Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Stylistics, Kenny G), Preston Glass uses his writing/composing talents to the full on this special recording of hitworthy material. This CD is Preston’s second where he is playing all instruments, and doing all the lead vocals (save one duet performed with his daughter Gemia Burns). The result is where every one of the 17 songs is matchless in the commerciality and hit potential. 



Like his last CD, this is an album you’ll like every one of the songs…….Check out “Soul In The Rear View Mirror” – you’ll be glad you did!!

Available at CD Baby, iTunes or get a signed copy from Preston Glass by using the  Contact Preston page found here!


Sittin’ in the Puddin’

Definition of Love

While They’re Here

Once You Walk Away

Who You Choose

Pinch Me Somebody

Hurry Up and Break my Heart

Spine Chiller

A message from Preston Glass

“Looking back in the ‘rear view mirror’ of my career, I have to say I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to have written music and/or produced songs for some of the greatest artists of all time; ARETHA FRANKLIN, EARTH, WIND & FIRE, WHITNEY HOUSTON, NATALIE COLE, JOHNNY MATHIS, DIANA ROSS, KENNY G, THE TEMPTATIONS, LIONEL RICHIE, TEDDY PENDERGRASS, THE STYLISTICS, DIONNE WARWICK, THE DELLS, LARRY GRAHAM and other wonderful talented people. Actually, there’s too many to name and I have had the wonderful experience of co-writing songs with some of the best songwriters in modern music history. I think about THOM BELL, LINDA CREED, LAMONT DOZIER, MAURICE WHITE, GERRY GOFFIN, MICHAEL MASSER, NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN and many, many other writers. It has enriched my life working with these talented folks. Sharing music with you, the public and my fans is what keeps me doing this. I particularly enjoy creating my solo music projects because it gives me a freedom of expression that I might not otherwise have when I’m writing for other artists. While working on numerous songs I wrote and produced for THIS CD, one of the more difficult tasks was narrowing down my selection for those songs that would make the final cut. I decided to have a focus group of selected individuals – friends I know who love music. We gathered together and listened to 30 of my new songs and this really helped me finalize the final crop for 17 songs on this project.

I want to acknowledge and thank all of you who helped by participating in my focus group listening session. There was Seabron Sawyer, Fiz De Mattia, Keni Burke, Kerri Leblang, Marcus Gomez, Maria Bryant, Robbie Sloan, Joy McElveen, Carmen Grillo, Chris Burns, Marsha Hall, Viyda Swaminathan and Lill, Rory Santos, Trent Flagg and A. Scott Galloway.

I invite you to you enjoy this trip while you ride along with me on this journey of songs. There are flavors for all, seasoned with – some that are love-themed; some with messages to live by; some singing of personal observations and encouragements.

I strive to “Keep It Movin’.” People sometimes say one should not look back when progressing forward – however, I say when you’re ‘driving’ forward and ‘navigating’ your course, it’s always good to look in ‘the rear view mirror’ in order to be aware of where you came from. That can be a big help understanding where you’re going.

Peace and love – Preston Glass

– A. Scott Galloway, March 10, 2014

Of all the musicians I’ve been blessed to address as friend, Preston Glass is the quintessential songwriter – a man who pulls lyrics and melodies seemingly out of thin air then spins them into gold…

Dwelling in a space where it remains perfectly sensible to whistle while you work, Preston is an all-organic craftsman: listening to the world around him, engaged in every conversation, plugged in to what’s happening now yet grounded by roots soaked in the harmony enriched soil of timeless soul nostalgia.

Pure of heart reflections shimmer in the mirror of Glass’ inspired new collection, the confectioner squeezing out ear candy that make the tangiest of emotions sweeter and the toughest of life lessons smooth out like butterscotch. The music soft-swirls you into dreamy euphoria while words of wisdom, empathy and light melt in your mind like a milk chocolate massage…

You’re soaking in decades of patiently acquired expertise by a man who learned what’s swell direct from Bell…Thom, that is. Hunkered down in his sanctuary laboratory that keeps cares and woes at bay, Professor Preston revels in musical missions for man and womankind, saturating the world in a quiet storm of love.

Those fortunate enough to know Preston intimately understand that he walks tall on his perfect plotted path. He’ll take a kernel from something you said in passing or dashed off in haste then boomerang out of the blue with a song so strong you shake your head in wonder. That is if you aren’t shakin’ your behind when the artful airmail whips back, stamped “Caution: Contents Just Too Funky.”

So sit back, relax and engage for the ride…seat belts have been rendered obsolete. The vehicle is immaculate, the top is down, the tank is full, the road is open…and my, oh my, is that aural sunshine warm-to-the-touch on your soul, heart and mind. Today is an exquisite day for reflections from the rear view mirror of your soul chauffeur, Preston Glass.